What I Am Doing Now

As per normal you will find me beavering away in my office in Charlton Kings, Cheltenham.  And below is what I am doing now both work wise and personal wise, I will keep this updated as regularly as I can and then you can see what I’m up to:

I am not going to put the above in any priority order, as I work far too randomly to put things in order 😉 If you want to get hold of me then please email me, I will get back to you asap:

[email protected]

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  • Friday’s are my day to work on my business and sort the never ending admin work I have to get done.  This is new for 2016 and helps me give the best to my clients while still giving me time to get what I need to get done and stay sane.
  • Blogging, I want to blog more and keep the content rolling with 3 Creative, I plan to use this for telling you more about the projects I am working on and have worked on.  I will also share my view of life and my journey through it.  Just goto www.3creative.co.uk/blog
  • Working on implementing physical products into my offerings, like business cards, banners and other printed items
  • Will be rolling out the new WordPress management service as soon as possible.  Get your WordPress website, safe, secure and backed up for £13.99 per month…. more details soon.


  • Now that we are linked with a child in our Adoption quest… It will soon be introduction time and we will get to meet him
  • 5-minute journal, or rather my version of.  It’s really helping me focus and feel good about myself.
  • Meditation - goal is 20 mins a day, but so far only seem to get to about 9 minutes without feeling all weird and nauseous.
  • Learning to say NO to things I don’t need to do or doesn’t benefit me on my journey

Work Calendar

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