Social Media Assistant

The only social media formula that adds up!

All businesses benefit hugely from being active on social media. An ongoing, consistent presence and activity with optimised profiles brings benefits such as Brand Awareness, Recommendations, Incoming Enquiries and Promotional Opportunities, however, in order to be cost effective, you need to have the right formula to make it work…and add up!

If you get one or more of the elements in the formula wrong, you will miss out on opportunities and therefore waste valuable time, effort and money.

That’s why we’ve created our Virtual Social Media Marketing Assistant packages…an affordable solution enabling you to capitalise from the opportunities on Social Media whilst you focus on your clients and growing your business.

In a nutshell…How does it work?

We take the time to understand your business, target market, message and goals and combine our social media and lead generation expertise to tailor the activity, posts and connections to create and maximise all opportunities.


3hr Strategy Session

Defining Your Marketing Fundamentals:
- Ideal Target Market, Message, Keywords, Hashtags, USP, Lead Generation Methods and Much More


Optimise Your Profiles

We optimise your social media profiles and carry out your website review


Start Creating Opportunities

We start connecting and posting to your ideal target market and provide monthly activity reports

Social Media Virtual Assistant Marketing Solutions

  • One time setup fee includes: 

  • 2hr strategy session
  • Identify your ideal target market
  • Create your message and 40-second “Elevator pitch”
  • Define your top lead generation methods
  • Establish keywords and hashtags
  • Understand your unique selling point
  • Set your social media objectives, goals and targets
  • Receive a list of useful online tools and resources
  • And much more

If you already have the details required for setup and don’t
require a strategy session, please contact us for a setup fee.

Created and delivered by Accredited Marketing and 3 Creative, experts in lead generation, marketing, social media and digital strategy.

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