I am not much of a blogger, kind of always thought I had nothing to say, well nothing that anyone would take any notice of.  But then recently I worked out that I just don’t care about having to write something to please other people, how about just pleasing myself?? SO I am going to share, help and just write down all that I do with 3 creative, my processes and just about anything I can think of…. just so you can get to know me.
So a little about myself, just a short bit… nothing 2 long winded.  I have been a wedding photographer since about 2002 and then in 2005 I took over from the business from the photographer I was working for at the time and so things have been going on year after year until last year.  Things needed to change, the universe pushed me to change and in order to move forward I needed to change.  So I started 3 Creative, your friendly, helpful  digital media agency.  Offering to start with WordPress websites on a monthly subscription basis and here we are about 12 months later and WE are moving into logo design, graphic design and looking at providing animation videos and then  maybe some digital publishing and probably a handful of other things along the way…. oh almost forgot I can also offer you an amazing photography experience.  I also mentioned a key word in those last few sentences…..WE, I want to use some amazing local talent along with other services offered on a worldwide basis to grow this business to offer you the very best experience you can get, all in one place.