Not so long ago whenever I designed a website, logo or any other item I was so anxious when I sent the files off for the client to view. What if they didn’t like what they saw, what if they were critical, what if they demanded their money back as the concept was so awful in their eyes… the dread to get an email back and then to try and open it was huge.

After a lot of hard work on myself in terms of self-belief, I now look forward to the client saying they aren’t happy with what I am showing them, or it’s not what they had in mind, simply because a No means I am getting closer to what the client actually wants. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when they come back and they say they love what I have built or designed for them, I’m over the moon… what I am saying is that if they don’t like something then I am equally alright with that.

I know that what I have in my mind will be completely different to what the client has in their mind and even after sending them an initial questionnaire to gather feedback on their preferences and find out a bit more about them and their business or talking to them face to face I am not going to get their ideal design right straight away. Sometimes the client might not even know what they want until they see what they don’t want.

When putting together a logo concept I try and aim for between 4-6 initial concepts, they won’t be perfect, not even close to being the final file they will use for their branding and in some ways even downright so wrong they might begin to wonder why they hired me in the first place. I want to try and steer them towards what they really want and not what I think is right and then justify why it is right, they are the client who is paying the money, surely they deserve to have a logo that they are proud to show people and not one that some wiz tells them they should have because of x or y.

The 3 Creative logo took a few years to be settled upon in my head, I had to go through several ideas before I can up with the one that I liked, the one that you see nowadays and that needed time to come about while I worked on client work. So it took some time. Client work doesn’t allow years to get to where they are happy with what they are seeing, maybe a few weeks and in some cases much quicker. If the client comes back and says they love the logo more often than not in a few days time they will come back and say “I’ve been thinking about the logo and I’ve asked a few of my friends what they think and I think that the colour should be a slightly different shade, try a different font etc etc.

I know that not every designer works this way, some only proof one concept and believe their concept to be the best fit and will justify why it is. I don’t work this way, I want to produce something you truly are 100% happy with and that takes a bit of time, work and patience to get to the final destination.