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WordPress Web Design

Bespoke, professional website design for small to medium businesses

Your website creates the all-important first impression of your business. It’s your ‘virtual’ shop window and 3 Creative helps you draw your customers to visit, browse, be engaged, purchase and return time and time again.

Our aim is to produce beautifully designed, practical and responsive websites that help you to fulfil your business objectives. Honesty and integrity is at the heart of what we do, so there are no frustrating contracts. You’ll own your website outright. We’ll just help you by designing the website that works for you and maintaining your digital platform.

There’s more to websites than just the design. For your business to succeed online you’ll need to make sure your site is search engine and user friendly. Our expertise will give you peace of mind that your site is making the right impression with your target audience and continually raising your profile.

We’re happy to work with any existing suppliers you might have, but we also offer a range of services to give you the very best quality website in terms of content and visuals. This includes writing, graphic design, photography and video production services. We aim to make you and your business stand out.

What we can do to help you…

Build A New Website

Create a brand new website based on WordPress, whether it’s an e-commerce website, a simple one-page website or an online learning platform.  Whatever you are looking to achieve we can help and advise you on the best way forward.


Make Changes or Redesign Your Existing Website

Making changes to your existing WordPress website, such as rebranding it with a new colour scheme, graphics or a complete website redesign when your old site needs to be brought up to date by implementing a new theme.

Pricing And How It Works

What Does A Website Design Projects Cost?

The short answer to this question is ‘it depends‘. This is why we go through the process of gathering your requirements and giving you a bespoke quote.

All of our website projects are unique and bespoke to your business, and is bigger than what’s covered by our going PAYG credits packages which is ideal if you just need a couple of hours work on your exisiting website.

Some projects can be very simple and take less than a day, some projects can be very large and are completed over several weeks or months. When we give you a quote for a bespoke project, we include an estimate of the time it will take to complete the project in addition to our fees for completing the work.

To give you an idea of price ranges, here are some ballpark ranges to help. Please do appreciate these are just guides, and your bespoke quote may be higher or lower than the estimates below.

From £1200

  • A brand new WordPress website from scratch –  (what functionality, E-commerce / Online Shop functionality, what graphics you’d like created, and how much help is needed to structure the site is a factor)

From £450

  • A 1 Page Website - Great for a small or start-up business that initially just needs a basic website presence.  (what functionality, E-commerce / Online Shop functionality, what graphics you’d like created, and how much help is needed to structure the site is a factor)

From £550

  • Rebranding / Redesigning an existing WordPress website – (complexity of the website and number of templates is a factor)

Our Webdesign Process

As the process for a bespoke project is understandably more complex than a few code tweaks, we follow a simple process to ensure we’re developing something that you really need. This is the process that we follow when delivering a bespoke project.

1. Our Initial Phone Call or Meeting to discuss your requirements and work out a plan where we can help you.

2. Write Project Requirements / Proposal and give you a quote.

3. Either by phone or email we will check that the requirements are correct.

 4. We ask for a 40% deposit before the project begins or the initial payment as agreed in the initial meeting and layed out in the Project Requirements document / Proposal. The work is then scheduled in our diary.

5. We start work on your project and if required collect the 2nd payment if agreed.

6. We get your feedback throughout the project.

7. We implement tweaks and changes based on your feedback.

8. The work is completed and you sign the project off and pay the project balance.

9. The work is delivered or website put live depending upon the project requirements.

10. Your complimentary 3 month website care period begins where minor tweaks and changes are made to your website in areas that might have come to light now that the website is live. We will keep your site safe and secure with our WordPress Care Package and make plans and implement any continuation of the Care Package for after the 3 month care period has ended.

Further Services / Options

Website Hosting

WordPress Website Care Plans

Domain Name Registration

PAYG Work Credits

Other Areas Where We Can Help

Here you'll find lots of examples of what we can do to help your, your website and your business. These options are covered under our PAYG Work Credits Scheme.

WordPress Theme Updates

  • Adding website contact forms
  • Fix design issues with your website on mobile phones (as websites usually look different on phones)
  • Adding a Google Calendar to your website, for showing off regular meetings/classes that you offer.
  • Adding auto-playing videos to your website homepage with call-to-action buttons.

WordPress Security Improvements

  • Setting up SSL (HTTPS certificates) to improve security
  • Setting up a protective website firewall with the Sucuri website firewall service.
  • Ensuring your website doesn’t have any vulnerable plugins or code that could lead to a hack
  • Adding technical anti-spam measures for your comments, web forms, and other targets for spam

WordPress-based Membership Platforms

  • Setting up a membership platform for you, including security and billing tools.
  • Adding a training tool to your membership platform
  • Writing custom tools for generating custom reports for your membership platform.

Technical Marketing Help

  • Set up tracking code (e.g. from Adwords, Facebook Ads, etc).
  • Resolving problems with tracking code from different platforms you’re using
  • Creating bespoke tracking for your leads and prospects
  • Setting up split testing on your website (such as testing your homepage)

WordPress Updates and Fixes

  • Upgrading WordPress plugins (including tricky ones like WooCommerce)
  • Replacing broken WordPress plugins with better alternatives

WordPress Performance Improvements

  • Migrating your website to new faster hosting
  • Do speed enhancements to your website (caching, CDNs, identifying what’s causing slowdowns)
  • Updating your theme to use correct image sizes to speed up website loading
  • Adding automatic image compression tools to reduce the sizes of your images so that they load more quickly on your website
  • Implementing caching and CDNs (content delivery networks) to further boost the speed of your website

WordPress Forms

  • Creating custom integrations from your integrated form or form plugin  to your CRM that doesn’t have an official add on.
  • Creating a multi-page survey form for your application process (e.g. for high ticket consulting, or job applications)


Legal and Compliance Work

  • Cookie audits and setting up a simple cookie policy with CookieBot
  • Adding GDPR compliant consent and privacy messages to newsletter signup forms and contact forms (such as with Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, Caldera Forms or WPMUDEV Forminator)

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